Mooring Spring

TWIST Double Cardan mooring spring

Double Cardan allows the stainless steel spring to always work with perfect axiality and parallelism, independently of the traction angle created by the boat movements, the ESSENTIAL factor against torsion spring fatigue (as can be seen from the twisting of chains) which leads to premature rupture of the spring. Double Cardan is already equipped with adequate shackles for perfect installation.


 Technical data

Code ref.


806-0011s dc

806-0014s dc

806-0016s dc

Boat lenght


11 m

14 m

16 m

Spring wire diameter


8 mm

9 mm

12 mm

Working load


120 kg

190 kg

400 kg

Breaking load      2.500 kg 3.800 kg 6.200 kg

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