EVA Bumper 

protects your boat


respects the environment



Dock Fenders   &   Marine shock absorber 
Bumpers for Marinas and Harbours 
pontoons, jetties, piers, fingers,

dry docks, gas stations, boat yards,

travel lifts and crane areas. 

 For floating or fixed structures
made from concrete,
wood or metal.

Made from

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
        The E.V.A. bumpers are moulded from the exceptional E.V.A. material and they will protect all parts of the marinas or the ports where boats are moored or subjected to other dangers.

The combination of the material and the design makes the E.V.A. bumpers resistant to heavy loads. The E.V.A. bumpers will always return to their original shape having the effect of a soft cushion protecting the boat.
The E.V.A. bumpers will not leave colour marks or stains on the boats.

The E.V.A. bumpers are UV-protected and will not be changed by the sun. The E.V.A. bumpers are resistant to all chemical agents that normally are found in sea water. The E.V.A. bumpers are not inflatable, they are made from a structured design, solid, closed cell, plastic foam material (E.V.A.). The E.V.A. bumpers have a longer life expectancy than PVC or rubber compounds.     It’s a non toxic material and the production of this material is non hazardous. E.V.A. does not contain chlorine ( PVC does ).                                       E.V.A. it's environmentally friendly.    

Impact resistance movie-test up to 4 tons mod. B.60

Impact resistance movie test till 4 tons.






Research, high technology, experience
and........ " Italian Style"

for the new innovative patent pending
 E.V.A. Lux phosphorescent bumper

to solar energy


 The E.V.A. phosphorescent bumper are charged by daylight and will stay bright for five to eight hours.

The E.V.A. phosphorescent bumper will have a long lasting capacity to safely guide all vessels into the marina in the darkness of the night. The phosphorescent effect will last more than 5 years.


Moulded Bumpers


The E.V.A. bumpers are moulded in one piece. The internal, structured design in combination with the E.V.A. material and the material thickness, guarantees the long term resistance against heavy hits and bumps. The E.V.A. bumper is not inflatable and will always return to its’ original shape.

Modular & corner models


Modular models and corner models will allow for continuous, nice looking installations.

Our models B.80 and B.90 can be adapted for any degree of angle



Custom bumper

We are able to produce customized bumpers based on your design  in  E.V.A. or E.V.A. Lux



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