EVA Lux phosphorescent

E.V.A. Lux

E.V.A. Lux     Pat. pend.

  Research, high technology, experience
and........ " Italian Style"

for the new innovative patent pending
 E.V.A. Lux phosphorescent bumper

to solar energy

   The E.V.A. Lux phosphorescent bumper by solar energy are charged by daylight and will stay bright for five to eight hours in the night. The E.V.A. phosphorescent bumper will have a long lasting capacity to safely guide all vessels into the marina in the darkness of the night.
They signals angles and dangerous edges protecting them at the same time.
They allow to esteem with more certainty  distances and depth in the dark
The phosphorescent effect will last more than 5 years. suitable for Marinas and Harbours
pontoons, jetties, piers, fingers,
dry docks, gas stations, boat yards,
travel lifts and crane areas.
For floating or fixed structures made from concrete, wood or metal. This bumpers are moulded from the exceptional E.V.A.  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material and they will protect all parts of the marinas or the ports where boats are moored or subjected to other dangers.
The combination of the material the design makes the E.V.A. Lux phosphorescent bumpers resistant to heavy loads. The E.V.A. bumpers will always return to their original shape having the effect of a soft cushion protecting the boat and besides and fundamental they release a brightness to signal danger, to solar energy.    


Model LC.60 corner Lux

E.V.A. Lux

Model L.60 Lux

E.V.A. Lux